Loving Whispers Wellness Center

Mel owns a wellness center in Canada and wanted to expand her marketing reach to other parts of her country, as well as the US. We were able to accomplish this by creating HealingLovingWhispers.com, with a new logo for her wellness center, and connecting her web site with Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The web site uses Joomla, so that she can update her content and post pictures from her retreats. It also uses a blog plugin so that she has a powerful publishing platform to share her thoughts and dreams with people.

The logo design was loosely based on a sketch she did on a napkin that was provided by divine inspiration. It captures the concept of a pyramid of energy rotating down into the top of the planet, with an angel and a dolphin looking on in loving appreciation.

Loving Whispers Wellness Center

Client Testimonial

Micah, I want to thank-you so much for all you have done with my website.  I wanted my website to be an extension of me, so that it could work for me when I was not able to be in front of someone.  I wanted people to really feel the essence of my work from this online office and you made that all come together so beautifully.  I knew nothing about building a site and you walked me through every step so easily.  You made the vision of my logo that I held so close to my heart come alive, and I love it so much!  Thank you, Micah, for using your wonderful creativity to help the world get connected.  I am honoured to put your name on my website.

~ Mel Kinch
Healer, writer, and retreat facilitator