Ladybug Landscaping

Amanda runs a landscaping business in Salt Lake City. She contacted me about putting a web site together, and six weeks later she was spreading word of her services through her new web site and growing her business, which has since taken off. uses a custom template design that shows micro-landscapes of flowers and plants from a ladybug’s perspective – adding wit and visual beauty to the design. Amanda already had her company’s logo designed, and integrating it into the vibrant blue of the web site design gives the viewer a fresh and lively feeling.

The web site is powered by the Joomla! content management system and Amanda received training on how to update the web site on her own. This keeps the cost of ownership of the web site down, as she doesn’t need to hire a web designer to make simple content updates, or upload new portfolio photos into her Ajax powered landscape photo galleries.

Ladybug Landscaping


Client Testimonial

I love the website that Micah at Reflective Web designed for me. He offered 3 different versions and let me choose the one that worked best for what I needed, while at the same time offering his own input which really helped me in the design process. He is very patient and listened my needs. He’s has taken the time to show me how to update and utilize my site most efficiently and I really appreciate that because I knew nothing about maintaining a website. Thanks, Micah!

~ Amanda Mertin
Founder, Ladybug Landscape & Design